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Don't miss out on this definitive report that's shaping the future of Category Management

Embark on a transformative journey with our upcoming report, 'Influencing the Future,' where Category Management is not just a function, but a strategic differentiator. This report is not just about understanding Category Management; it's about mastering it to unlock significant untapped value, achieve cost savings, mitigate risks, and enhance revenue. Prepare to reshape your strategies and elevate your organisation's procurement capabilities. 

Key Highlights Section: 

  • Maturity Group Analysis: Discover your organisation's placement among starters, improvers, and leaders, and get bespoke recommendations for each group. 
  • Unlocking Untapped Value: Explore how strategic Category Management can lead to substantial cost savings, risk reduction, and revenue enhancement. 
  • AI and Digital Transformation: Learn how integrating AI and digital transformation can revolutionise your approach to Category Management. 

"The size of this survey, and the rigour of the analysis applied by Professor Marc Day of Henley Business School, means that the results here have real objectivity and power. That is what makes this the most important piece of research we have ever seen conducted in this field"

Peter Smith MD, Procurement Excellence Ltd
& Co-founder of Spend Matters UK/Europe


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